Sunday, October 16, 2005

Google Alert - President Bush

Google Alert for: President Bush

Arnold Keeps his distance from Bush
Arnold Schwarzenegger, concerned that the decline in President Bush's popularity
will pull down his special election measures, is not expected to appear with
the president when he visits California next week . ... "I don't expect Gov.
Schwarzenegger to be hanging out with George Bush in California. ...
alt.politics.bush - Oct 16, 01:52am by George Grapman - 1 message - 1 author

NBC:Bush "Staged" Event Still Mired In Controversy
by Joe Gandelman Has the controversy over press reports describing
President Bush's purportedly spontaneous talk with soldiers as a stage
managed event abated? No, despite the blog post of a soldier who was
in on that highly controversial talk President Bush ... - Oct 16, 01:24am by Dave Dewar - 1 message - 1 author

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